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People feel at home here at The Painted Peppercorn.

From the friendly people who work here to the warmth of old wood beams and original pine floors, to the bright surroundings, everybody and everything around you invites you to relax.

You may wish to sip on a glass of County wine or beer while checking out our little gallery of County art – or, being hungry, you may want to get right down to business and see what´s on the menu today.

Which brings us to the food.

We use fresh local ingredients wherever possible (sometimes from our own garden). What we offer you is real food – flavourful, original, and prepared with care. We´re vegetarian-friendly and we also offer a kids´ menu. We make our delectable desserts from scratch. All with respect for your budget.

Come visit us at The Painted Peppercorn, where you'll find:

We´re located in the heart of downtown Picton.
Contact us at (613) 476 - 8225

Welcome! looking forward to seeing you!